Kristal Rickman is one of the main protagonists on television series Wild Rascals. She is Amy's younger sister and is quiet, bashful and timid. She's good at making friends and loves to be in a gang. Like her sister, she does not want a relationship with her father, discovered he's only interested in women. Kristal supports her sister in Get Groovy dance show until she bravely joins in showing her dancing talents. She enters a relationship with her childhood friend, Naomi.

Backstory Edit

Kristal is the youngest child. Her mother Hilary Rickman is a wedding planner and Michael Rickman, a car used salesman and con man. After she was born, their parents have separated when Michael had secret affair with a young woman, his dirty dealings leads the sisters not have a relationship with him. Kristal and Amy live with their mother, they develop special bond for each other. They met a young breakdancer Nathan on Get Groovy, Kristal however doesn't want to join in due to her stage fright. She then supports Amy and new friends on dance show.  

Appearance Edit

Kristal is a humanoid light pink rabbit. She has purple straight long hair and pink eyes. She wears orange top, white shorts with a purple flower on the left and white shoes. She also wears a silver bangles.

Personality Edit

 Originally, Kristal is very bashful and quiet always stays besides her sister. She is kind and sweet, loves making new friends, supporting them when needed. Despite being shy and quiet, she finally shows her energetic side, liking for adventures and fun. She also becomes brave and eager when joins Nathan and the others on the dance show.

Abilities and Talents Edit

Relationship with other characters Edit

Friends Edit

Kristal makes friends with Nathan Malone as well Zayday Dean and Lola Pearce. She is very close to her sister, always stay by her side. Also, she made friends with other members in the gang such Luke Stripes, Jay, Monroe Adrian Carter, Gabriella White and Naomi Loveless.

Family Edit

Kristal live in a steady household with her mother Hilary and Amy. She does not have amicable relationship with her father Michael due his selfish and philandering nature. 

Romance Edit

Kristal was believed to be straight. Amy assure her to ask out a boy she likes but finds it difficult. On prior episode Happy Weekend it revealed that Kristal is a lesbian. She has strong feelings for Naomi until they move out together.