Naomi Loveless is one of the main protagonists on television series Wild Rascals. She is one of Nathan,s friends, one of the dancers from Get Groovy. She is a tomboy with feisty outlook willing to protect her friends from harm. She is somewhat fond of sports, her favourites are volleyball and karate. Despite her tough girl attitude, she is very feminine has a soft spot on cute boys. It has believed that Naomi may have a boyfriend, but she is actually in love with her best friend Kristal. Naomi has interest of making music and throwing parties, it has considered that she is a great party planner.

Backstory Edit

Naomi lives in a same care home before she signs up for a dance show Get Groovy. Naomi's family life was literally poor, her mother had physically abuse her and abandoned her for another man. She was put into care after her mother's boyfriend attempt to groom her. She becomes close friends with Nathan and Lola as they attend to a dance show Get Groovy.  Naomi has a strong interest of making songs and throwing great parties.

Appearance Edit

Naomi is a humanoid orange fox. She has orange fur, red hair and emerald green eyes. She wears a white t-shirt with a yellow star on the middle, azure jeans, green belt and yellow sneakers.

Personality Edit

 Naomi is feisty individual willing to help and protect her friends from evil or abusive people whom suffered. She is a tomboy has love of sports (volleyball and martial arts in particular). She's no pushover from either a physical or a mental standpoint, having a strong sense of courage and determination, and she enjoys competition, though she's never a sore loser. Naomi is displays more feminine, seems to be fun-loving and quite energetic loves, adventures, partying, dancing and having fun with everyone.

Abilities and Talents Edit

Naomi is literally the strongest out of the gang. She is gifted to projected energy that comes out from her palm. She can create forcefield or laser beams. She has high degree superhuman strength able to crash through barriers. Naomi has super speed can possibly move faster as Nathan. She can perform an intense physical activity for long periods of time without suffering fatigue. Naomi is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat has been training in martial arts.

Relationship with other characters Edit

Friends Edit

Naomi is friends with Nathan Malone, Zayday Dean and Lola Pearce when they're all living in care together. She seems to be good friends with Amy Rickman, at first she is uncomfortable when Kristal falls in love with her. She finally accepts it and gave them her blessings.

Family Edit

coming soon... 

Romance Edit

Naomi is very soft on boys doesn't mind going out with them. It has believed she has a boyfriend but it's actually untrue. On Happy Weekend she outed herself openly as a lesbian, she falls in lovewith Kristal and the pair began a relationship.