Wild Rascals is an American-Japanese animated television series. It cast of anthropomorphic animals, generally teenagers as the storylines progress of fighting crime, romantic relationships, adventures and partying. The creation of the show have elements from different teen drama. Also, it was formerly named as Spring Breakers but changes to Wild Rascals instead.

Plot Edit

Set in Miami, follows the lives group of anthropomorphic animal teenagers fight against the dystopian forces led by Miami’s president Johnny White and his servant, Brian King. The gang are dealing their activities such as friendship, adventures, romantic relationship, family bonds and problem solving. They rename themselves as Jungle Rascals as they foil Johnny’s scheme in order to defend the Miami.

Main Characters Edit

The main characters are a group of teenagers, who are all anthropomorphic animals living in Vibrant City. Nathan Malone, a yellow dog who is break-dancer and singer. He is a popular guy in Miami High. His best friends are Luke Stripes and Jay Monroe. Luke is a light orange tiger who is very loyal to Nathan and the others. Jay is a tan cat who is mostly laidback who cared about his friends, enjoys hanging out with them in his tree house. Lola Pearce, a amber cat who move to Miami from California Town. She becomes one of Nathan’s closest friends, later his girlfriend. Amy and Kristal Rickman, two pink rabbit sisters with different personalities. Amy is cheerful, warm-hearted and fashionable, a current queen bee after Kristina Soames, Nathan’s ex-girlfriend. Kristal is quiet and bashful, always on her sister’s side. She initially does not want stand out in a crowd due to her insecurities, but later grows out within the show. Naomi Loveless, a tomboyish orange fox with a feisty and adventurous views. She started her relationship with Kristal after revealing her sexual orientation, she even trusts boys whom she adores. Zayday Dean, a lilac cat who joined by Nathan after saving her from Chad. She is one of the popular girls becomes friends with Amy and Lola.

Nathan has old friends from care home Adrian Carter and Gabriella White. Adrian, a golden yellow cougar, who is laidback and charming was raised  by his biological father and stepmother.  He used to be in great friendship with Nathan until they reunited in Miami High. Gabriella, a pink rabbit who reunites with Nathan in Miami High. She is a daughter of show’s main villain Johnny White. Gabriella however is very distant from him. She becomes housemates with Adrian after spending a half of the show living with him.

Ten friends deal the manner of mutual friendships, romance, music, family bond and adventures. They fight against the dystopian forces led by Johnny White and his servant, Brian King, a principal of Miami High.

Soundtrack Edit

The show has its own soundtrack, divided in two albums Jungle Party and Friday Night Fever. The music-styles are Dance, R&B, Europop, Electro, Dubstep and Hip-Hop.